What You Need to Know About Coffee and How It Is Related to Weight Loss

You have probably heard people said negative comments about coffee and how it is the main cause for many diseases. But here’s the truth, according to recent studies coffee might be beneficial to your health and it is not that bad after all. There are no proven studies that show the direct linking between coffee and diseases. As a matter of fact, coffee lessens the risk of death and improves the cardiovascular. However, it is not true for kids to drink coffee at such a young age.
The primary benefits of coffee to your health is that protects you from getting Parkinson’s disease, type 2 diabetes, liver disease or liver cancer. Most people claimed that coffee helps them stay focus because it helps increase the cognitive function thus lessens depression. Added to that, coffee helps you increase the chances of weight gain. Caffeine, which is found in coffee, has been used years ago in multiple types of medications and supplements for weight loss. There are two definite theories of how coffee might be good for weight loss:
It works as an appetite suppressor by reducing your will to eat for a short period of time. It is often used to lessen one’s craving.
It helps you burn calories by stimulating the metabolism by your thermogenesis which your body produces heat and energy from digesting food. That is also one of the reasons why most people drink coffee before they had their intense workouts.
Experts have been solving the problem on how coffee is related to weight loss, tests were done on animals and although it is not yet easy to simplify their tests on human but they found out that decaffeinated coffee may give way to moderate weight loss.
On the other hand, coffee is known to be diuretic; this statement is not totally true. Coffee is diuretic when it is consumed in big amount, but if you are drinking it in the moderate amount it will not lead to dehydration.
At the same time, having too much coffee is bad for you because it increases your stress levels and encourages you to eat more, cause insomnia which will promote to a bigger calorie intake and increase the cortisone and adrenaline which has been associated with belly fats.
Most people believe that drinking coffee, in the long run, can help one lose weight, but it is actually depending on individual and how their body responds to it. Whatever your beliefs are, coffee is the greatest home of antioxidants in western diet outshines fruits and vegetables. Surprised?
Not only coffee can help you lose a modest amount of fats, it also keeps you awake throughout the day and make you smarter and improve physical performance. It is the best drink for breakfast as you start your day. Do not drink too much coffee as it is not good for your health. At the end of the day, we know that coffee is not that bad after all and have its own advantage and disadvantage on us.