Seven ‘Unhealthy’ Foods That Are Actually Not That Bad After All

Nowadays, there are many rules regarding how to lose weight. From exercise to supplements to eating healthy foods and the list goes on. Are there really list of foods that seems so taboo when it comes to weight loss? According to some nutritionist, there are some ‘unhealthy’ foods that are actually good for you. Sounds too good to be true for me! Below are the lists of foods that you can now enjoy despite on the verge of trying to losing weight.
Red Meat
Yes! Red meat is stuffed with protein, iron, vitamin B12 and zinc. Take note, not all red meats are good. Your key is to pick the right kind of red meat. Remember, grass-fed beef is lesser in saturated fat and has more Omega 3 than traditional beef.

Who doesn’t love potatoes? Potatoes have 20g of carbs (per serve) comparing to the usual pasta or rice. Potatoes are famously known for its carbohydrates and nutrients, plus vitamins C, B-6, folate, and fiber. I would recommend mixing the potatoes with garlic, herbs, and pepper and bake it in the oven until it is lenient.

We might have heard a lot of negative comments about avocados when it comes to weight loss foods. It is true that avocados contain high fat content in it, however these are actually monounsaturated fat! Added to that, avocados contain 20 different types of vitamins plus lutein for your vision. Therefore, worry no more! Go ahead and eat it.

I can’t believe this! In reality, pizza is packed with nutrients especially if it is a home-cooked pizza. I would suggest you fill it up with peppers, mushrooms, zucchini, and broccoli, plus low-fat mozzarella cheese and another add-on like dried up herbs.

This is good news for coffee lovers out there. According to Cynthia Sass, MPH, RD. Health’s nutrition editor, you morning coffee contains antioxidants which is why most coffee drinkers have lower chances of getting diabetes type 2. Now, you can enjoy your coffee every morning with peace of mind without even feeling guilty to your health.

Although some people may claimed that eggs are put in the ‘unhealthy’ food list, here’s what you need to know about eggs. The truth is eggs are weight-loss food and according to study people who ate eggs for breakfast lost 65% more weight than those who doesn’t. For better results, buy organic eggs because those chickens are all-vegetarian diet and healthier comparing to commercialized chickens that has been injected with artificial hormones and antibiotics.

It is undeniable that doughnuts are sweet and can be a threat to your health. But bear in mind that you can eat anything as long as you know how to balance it. Infrequent sweet is also good for you, in case you don’t know, sweet is the food for the brain. Eat moderately because too much of something is bad enough.

So, these are the lists of ‘unhealthy’ that are actually not that bad, as long as a person knows how to balance their diet. You can now enjoy these foods without even have to limit yourself.