What You Need to Know About Coffee and How It Is Related to Weight Loss

You have probably heard people said negative comments about coffee and how it is the main cause for many diseases. But here’s the truth, according to recent studies coffee might be beneficial to your health and it is not that bad after all. There are no proven studies that show the direct linking between coffee and diseases. As a matter of fact, coffee lessens the risk of death and improves the cardiovascular. However, it is not true for kids to drink coffee at such a young age.
The primary benefits of coffee to your health is that protects you from getting Parkinson’s disease, type 2 diabetes, liver disease or liver cancer. Most people claimed that coffee helps them stay focus because it helps increase the cognitive function thus lessens depression. Added to that, coffee helps you increase the chances of weight gain. Caffeine, which is found in coffee, has been used years ago in multiple types of medications and supplements for weight loss. There are two definite theories of how coffee might be good for weight loss:
It works as an appetite suppressor by reducing your will to eat for a short period of time. It is often used to lessen one’s craving.
It helps you burn calories by stimulating the metabolism by your thermogenesis which your body produces heat and energy from digesting food. That is also one of the reasons why most people drink coffee before they had their intense workouts.
Experts have been solving the problem on how coffee is related to weight loss, tests were done on animals and although it is not yet easy to simplify their tests on human but they found out that decaffeinated coffee may give way to moderate weight loss.
On the other hand, coffee is known to be diuretic; this statement is not totally true. Coffee is diuretic when it is consumed in big amount, but if you are drinking it in the moderate amount it will not lead to dehydration.
At the same time, having too much coffee is bad for you because it increases your stress levels and encourages you to eat more, cause insomnia which will promote to a bigger calorie intake and increase the cortisone and adrenaline which has been associated with belly fats.
Most people believe that drinking coffee, in the long run, can help one lose weight, but it is actually depending on individual and how their body responds to it. Whatever your beliefs are, coffee is the greatest home of antioxidants in western diet outshines fruits and vegetables. Surprised?
Not only coffee can help you lose a modest amount of fats, it also keeps you awake throughout the day and make you smarter and improve physical performance. It is the best drink for breakfast as you start your day. Do not drink too much coffee as it is not good for your health. At the end of the day, we know that coffee is not that bad after all and have its own advantage and disadvantage on us.

Tips for Partying Hard and Still Not Gaining Weight

Do you love going out attending parties but afraid of gaining few inches on your waist? Party seasons are near and generally speaking, parties are always associated with food I mean some very good foods, from cheese platters to expensive tequilas shots and other alcoholic beverages. They are surely one big temptation for party goers out there. Worry not my friends! Partying hard doesn’t mean letting go of your best physical appearance, like most cynical people believed, but rather partying hard and yet still having the best and healthy body in town.
What you need are only an easy planning and simple skills. I have prepared some useful tips for you to follow and see the amazing results for few weeks. In these tips, you will learn how to maintain the level of health during the parties. It will also help you make a wise decision on what to eat and when to eat. You will not worry about attending parties and gaining weight anymore because the secrets will be revealed to you. Keep reading!

#1 – Sacrifice
Perhaps, this doesn’t sound good for the first tips. If you are having a party with friends for a week, you need to sacrifice the other days and only give two days for drinking, only for two days and it’s enough. Although alcoholic beverages are good to help you chill and take your time out from your busy work, everything great in life should be in moderate usage. Therefore, tell yourself to limit your drinking session in just two days during the week.
#2 – Choose
Still trying to lose weight while partying hard with friends? Here’s the catch, instead of drinking liquor which has higher alcohol content, choose some shots or combining your liquor with diet soda or limes. Below are choices that you can see the next time you are at a party and you can also research more about other drinks. For a better option, drink beer because it is the most substantial form of alcohol.
Deschutes Mirror Pond Pale Ale – 200 calories per pint
Bud light – 150 calories a pint
Vodka – 123 calories per shot
Tequila – 96 calories per shot
#3 – The Midnight Taboos
Late night drinking is a big no-no! It is normal to feel hungry after drinking alcohol, it is because alcohol increases the blood sugar, and the body will release a number of insulin to equalize the blood sugar this process encourages hunger. If you are a party animal and yet still concern about your weight, do not eat junk foods during midnight instead drink a glass of water to keep you hydrated and perhaps substitute your junk food cravings to other healthier options.
#4 – Healthy Diet
One of the reasons why some of my friends are still in shape after a night of partying hard is that they observe a healthy diet at home. A steady diet will compensate your weight loss goals. Some weight loss trainer doesn’t recommend alcohol in your diet, but if you insist on maintaining your partying-hard lifestyle, I would suggest you to maintain a healthy and steady diet every day.
#5 – Intense Workouts
A healthy diet is futile if it is not followed with great exercises routine. Working out regularly helps you bust out the kept-in calories inside your body. If you party hard, you should be working out harder in the gym or outside the gym. You can also hire a personal trainer and do workouts that are best for you. You might want to consider weight training and gradually increase the bar in order to burn more fats. Studies have shown that working out 3 times a week is sufficient to increase your metabolic rate.
Although some people are skeptical about this out-of-this-world lifestyle, now you have known that it is possible to party hard and lose weight at the same time. It only takes consistency and willingness to discipline yourself in order to achieve your goals. Never be lazy! If you have got time to party, you sure have time to exercise. Always set some time for workouts to reduce those consumed foods and alcohols that have made your belly flabby. Weight loss is knowing how to balance your lifestyle – drink and not gain weight. Scale yourself every day and see the results for yourself, do not forget to records your weights every day. This is one of the ways to keep you going and motivated.

Is It Okay to Lose Some Weight After Pregnancy?

This is a common question that is usually asked by mothers who just gave birth. Mothers are still women and most of them looking forward to have their old body back, which is hard since they have a baby that they need to breastfeed and the post-pregnancy hormones that cause their body to change drastically. Some even had a hard time dieting to a point where their body just couldn’t handle it and it has become their permanent body figure. Being a mother is great and nothing can replace the feeling of being a full time mother. Nevertheless, I would suggest that you take slow and steady steps to get your old body back without affecting your body’s nutrients, especially when you have to breastfeed your child.
Let’s get straight to the point, six weeks after you gave birth, your body still need to pull through and regain energy while your breast milk flowing at the same time. It is not recommendable to have an immediate intense diet. Eat more nutritious foods and well-proportioned foods that is good both for you and your baby. Eye on foods that are high in protein and calcium like veggies, fruits and whole grains and you can also include eggs, fish, or lean meats.
In other words, losing weight at this point is not advisable because you still need to build up nutrients for your body. After few month, you will be aware of your own body and know the right time to start losing weight as long as you set attainable goals for yourself, I’m pretty sure you can get rid of that flabby belly fat and get back your old body.
Moreover, when eating good and nutritious foods you might be thinking of going to a gym but feeling tired and sore from the all-night crying baby problem. What you should do is to consult your doctor and ask for advice regarding exercise, especially if you had a C-section and your doctor will tell you what to do. Perhaps a walk to the beach or park is the best choice if you are still recovering from the postpartum. (Warning: crunches, planks or other abs exercises are not advisable).
Most newly-mom agreed that during the 4 weeks after the birth, they can slowly go for an exercise and some are even selecting intense workouts. Throughout these times, mothers can commit themselves to an exercise routine. You can take your time while the baby is sleeping. If you are a busy mom, choose exercise programs that are not that time demanding but helps you produce a lot of sweats. You will definitely lose your entire baby belly and be more healthy and active throughout the year.
In conclusion to this, do not rush on losing weight after you give birth. Set a period of at least 6 weeks before you can hit the gym again and increase the exercises as the day goes by. Be a healthy, active and a role model mom to your child.