Weight Loss: How to Burn Belly Fats in No Time?

In this time and age, we are living in a world where everything has become instant. Like instant noodles, instant-microwaved foods, instant canned-goods foods and not to mention instant message and the lists goes on. But when it comes to losing weight, can we expect the same instant thing happening to us? Can we get an instant flat belly with some instant crunches?
Whether you are fat or thin, everybody has their own belly fats that have been bothering them throughout their lifetime. It could be part of genes or just some crappy lifestyle. Perhaps you have tried working out your abs but your effort was futile and wondering what went wrong. If you want to know the answer, you are at the right place!
First thing on how to burn that belly fats to get back to your proper sleeping habit because people who usually sleep late at night end up eating more than those who sleep at the right time. Lack of sleep can change your hormone thus affects the production of your cortisol levels that affects sensitivity, which explains the belly fats! Keep in mind to sleep around 7 hours at night.
Next, don’t just do the 100 crunches daily but as much as possible includes exercises that involve your overall body movement so that you can build your overall body muscles instead of just the stomach area, and you’ll get to see the results in no time. You might want to try planking for 45 minutes a day or every other way. Planking is next to crunches when it comes to losing your belly fats.
Thirdly, replace your sugary foods with protein-packed foods. Why? This is because belly fats usually caused by unhealthy diet like junk foods, sodas, sweets, etc. If you are sick of your plain old oatmeal, try mixing it with some cinnamon to give your morning meal a boost. On the other hand, if you are prone to sugar cravings, you should try Muscle Milk lite – it has no sugar content and packed with protein.
Fourthly, I wasn’t expecting vitamin C to be on the list but according to many people who have been in a weight loss program claimed that vitamin C balances the cortisol levels when you are under stress. Vitamin C also helps you in your pursuit of weight loss because it produces carnitine – compound that changes fat into fuel. (You can also try bell peppers, kiwi or kale as a substitute for vitamin C).
This fifth and last way of burning belly fat quicker are even more surprising to me. What you have got to do is just to eat fats. Yes, because fat to burns fat as simple as that. The thing that made your belly bigger is sugar and not exactly the fats. Foods that are high in ‘good’ fats are salmon, avocados & walnuts. These foods are good and will definitely satisfy your hunger.
The bottom line is that these foods will help you get rid of that belly fat faster than you will imagine. According to experts, belly fats are the most dangerous kinds of fat because usually, large waist is always an indication of diseases. Avoid getting too stressed out since it can increase the cortisol levels and all your efforts in attempting to lose weight will be futile. Stay hydrated, do not mistaking thirst for hunger and think before you eat. Stay healthy and get active!

Weight Loss: Why It Is Not Working Out?

One of the most common frustrations of people who are losing weight is not losing weight fast enough. You have been working out so hard, exercising, eating fruits and veggies at once but there seem to be no significant changes in your body weight or worst, you gained weight! Here are some possible reasons for why you are not losing weight.
You are on your first week of weight loss program and there’s no sign of weight loss.
Why? The reason to this is basically related to your cortisol level. Cortisol is the performance-increasing stress hormone that activates when you are in survival situations. When your brain noticed some changes or weight loss activity, your body will store extra fats as a survival instinct, which explains why you are not losing a significant amount of weight. Nevertheless, there is nothing to worry about. Keep an eye on to your diet program and eventually, your body will get used to it.

You are not eating well.
This problem happens all the time. This misconception about losing weight not only promotes weight gain but also increases your chances of getting illnesses due to lack of nutrients. Losing weight does not mean suppressing your hunger, it is rather to eat – eat healthy food. I would suggest you to follow a 1-week diet plan for starter and always keep yourself hydrated followed by regular exercises. When you eat well and keep yourself active, your body will eventually adapt the situation, therefore, increase your metabolic system and you will lose weight in no time.

You have been doing the same workouts every day.
Exactly! Usually, when you work out it is important to increase or add the workout performance as you progress. If you are doing the same work intensity of workouts every day you are not pushing your body and changes in your metabolism won’t be changing anytime soon which is supposed to be the goal in weight loss.

You give up because your friend started to lose weight and you are not.
I admit that it is sometimes frustrating to know that some of your friends are losing weight while I don’t. It took me a long time to understand that everybody is different. The way our body reacts to certain weight loss programs also varies from each individual thus it is best that you need to stick to the program daily so that your body will adapt to the changes and give you a good result.

Despite the weight loss program, you noticed you are not losing weight anymore.
Do not be panic; this is a normal part of losing weight. Here’s the explanation for this: When your body stops losing weight and in fact starts gaining, a reason to this is your metabolism has been decelerated due to decreased calories in the body. People usually becomes panic and starve themselves, in return, the body will again switch to their survival instinct and store some fats. What to do? Eat more.

If one of these situations occurs to you, you already know how to solve it. Losing weight does not only challenge you physically but also mentally and you need to be wise how to adjust everything with your body. Be consistent and you’re on your way to a healthier living.

Keeping Up with Your Weight during Holiday Season

Christmas is just around the corner and it’s that time of the year again where everywhere you go there’s food to eat. I mean some seriously good-tasting food that you can’t resist. The cold weather, the never-ending party munchies, and that oh-so-good meat on the table that’s ready to be eaten. Lo and behold, Christmas is a time for weight gain.
Generally speaking, according to Ursula Arens, from the British Dietetic Association, people gain 2kg in the four-week Christmas period and attempting to lose weight within these phases of time is next to daydreaming. Granting that I can’t give you solutions on how to lose weight during the holiday season, I can only give you ways to avoid the common habits related to weight gain and how to maintain your weight as it is (well, at least).
First and foremost, never goes to parties with an empty stomach. What usually happens after this is overeating which will cause more weight gain. Do not over-indulge at cocktail occasions instead eat some light snacks an hour before the party started or better yet before you go to the party. Try to consider apple, cheese, wholegrain crackers or nuts.
Next, keep up with exercise. Most of the time people got so occupied attending Christmas parties and forgot to set some personal time for exercise. Maintain regular jogs or walk with the kids to the park or beach in return for the food you ate. Added to that, you can also engage in outdoor or indoor sports like tennis, swimming, basketball, etc. if you are not up for sports such as those, try to check out your local Zumba class, pilates, or yoga.
Third, do not eat all the food placed on the table. I understand that Christmas is a great time to try out new recipes, but you might want to pay more attention to your body and know when it is enough. Be choosier when it comes to food, it will greatly help you maintain your body weight. Bear in mind, alcoholic beverages are also the main contributor to weight gain. Try to avoid drinking alcohol (especially if you are driving) instead drink juice or other flavored drinks.
Fourth, do not over-extend your Christmas. As soon as the calendar hits January 2, set up a goal and get sweaty in the gym. Who knows you can flaunt your amazing bikini bods on summer! Change your eating habit and do not buy too much food. Christmas is over, avoid junk food, and buy what is needed and at the same time healthy.
Lastly, when life gets back to normal days you can focus on balancing your lifestyle. I am not suggesting you to suppress your hunger in order to compensate the food you ate during Christmas, but rather eat quality food in moderate amount and always include healthy diet like fresh fruits and veggies followed by regular exercise daily. Being healthy means a happier you – inside and out. Your body will thank you for that.
While following these tips accordingly, it is always best to have fun during the holiday seasons and do not stop yourself from drinking, eating and being merry. As long as you are doing the right thing for your body and you are happy that is the most important thing you can do for yourself.