About author

Hello, readers! I am Erica Talamantes: I am a traveler, writer, yoga instructor, cheese-addict; I like peanut butter, sunsets, and a drop-out medical student but that doesn’t stop me from living a healthy lifestyle. I love every bit of life – going from one place to another and learn languages, foods, cultures, and traditions. I am currently living in the United States, teaching yoga and a part-time blogger.
Growing up in a family that has diabetes, I decided to change history and live a healthy lifestyle. I travel, I write, I exercise, I do yoga, I am dating someone (Lol!) and I am proud of where I am today and how supportive my family has been to me.
Life is a messy bit but it is in the messy bits of life that we find joy, forgiveness, faith, strength, hope, compassion and faith. We are all entitled with our own stories in life, so when your life gets messy, hold on and take it in. You wouldn’t know how your stories could inspire others.